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Our Beauty Routine

Something you might not have know about this little cutie- she's a sucker for a good hand massage. How sweet is that?!

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Like soo cute, right? I first discovered this when Jordi was out of town filming a few months back. He was in Florida for three (long!) weeks and whenever he leaves town, I always let Riley sleep with me. I may or may not love it even more than she does. I digress!
Annyyways, I was in bed going through my nightly routine and she was all 'what are you doing?' So I put a little lotion on her hands and rubbed it in and you all should have seen her sweet little face! It was like she was in heaven. Which melted my heart because -background- I am obsessed with being tickled. Like 'massage-ish' tickled, not 'make you laugh' tickle. I hate that. (It's terrible!) So my massage-ish tickle obsession is so hard core one of my love languages that Jordi and I joke that I was for sure a dog in a past life. (Ha!) I tell you all of this, though, because all of these years, I've been looking for Riley's version of tickling and this was the first time she was like "Momma that feels soooo goooooddd." Momma heart melting.
But she's such a sweet little thing that when you're massaging her hands, she tries to massage yours at the same time, so I have to force her to relax. The sweetest, right?? So I definitely gave you the long (colorful?) version, but the moral of my story is if you're looking for a new way to love on your crew, see if this is their jam! Our fave hand cream at the moment is Aveda's 'hand relief' - which would also be an amazing hostess gift - I'll link below! ;) 


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Aveda hand relief serum- I just discovered this one while exploring the Aveda site! It has amazing reviews, so I'm giving it a whirl!