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{cozy} on the inside

the top three tools i'm using right now

my top three tools to beating anxiety and feeling cozy on the inside

Cozy is actually something that I have unconsciously strived for on a daily basis for as long as I can remember.. and that doesn't just pertain to being in comfy threads. I am ALL about trying to be comfortable in my own skin, which let’s face it, is a whole lot more difficult if you have been slacking in the self care department - whether that means your hair color is a mess or your soul is a mess because you haven’t made any ‘you’ time. And let me tell you, my friends, I have experienced that more often times than I care to admit. Welcome to my real life. ;)

But, as I keep growing, I look back at those not so pretty moments and have an easier time learning from them instead of beating myself up over them. An easier time recognizing what contributed to me getting off track & what steps I can take to get back on the right track. What tools I have developed and how can I use them.  I’m so grateful for that. It’s all part of the journey, right? 

Below are my TOP 3 TOOLS at the moment. I hope they speak to your soul, just as they have mine! ;)


/// Meditation

This has been HUGE for me. Jordi has actually been meditating for ages. It's something that he has brought up periodically with me over the years when he sees me struggling with anxiety and I've always been 'open' to it, but confused by it- that was, until he introduced me to the Headspace App. (Side note: they are not paying me to say this. I just really like it.;) I know that there are a whole lot of guided mediations out there.. on YouTube, etc- but there is just something about this App that has fed my soul and kept me accountable. And it doesn't hurt that the guy who leads it has the loveliest voice I have ever heard. Is that weird to say? I love my husbands voice, too, but in a 'heyyy boy heeyyy' kinda way. Not you are facilitating me meditatating kind of way. Just wanted to clear that up.. (ahhh). Have a listen and tell me if you agree! And an added bonus- they have a program for kids and Riley actually loves it. There is something wildly awesome about hearing your 4 yr old say "Momma.. can I meditate?" Check it out below or in the app store. 

/// Gratitude

"A grateful heart is always full." #truth
I cannot even begin to express how much gratitude changes me. I don't know if you're reading this and nodding your head because you've experienced the same thing in your life, but if not, trust me when I say that gratitude is an absolute game changer. Next time you're stressing, whether it be about something small or literally life changing, interrupt that anxiety with a grateful thought. Just try it. You'd be surprised how quickly your mind (and soul) puts things in perspective for you. As long as there is breath in your lungs, there is something to be grateful for. My heart needs that reminder more often than not because, ever since having the girls, I have been plagued with an indescribable fear that is most likely linked to my all consuming love for them. One of the most powerful things in combatting this crippling anxiety- you guessed it. Gratitude. Silent moments of gratitude, intentional minutes of gratitude (a la Tony Robbins style!), and gratitude journals like the one pictured to the left. Knowing that we can change our world by changing our thoughts is an incredibly powerful thing, my friends, and that journey has started within me through the grace that is gratitude. Give it a whirl, if you haven't already. ;)  

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/// Yoga For Anxiety

Last, but certainly not least! This is the cozy on the inside tool that is the most difficult for me, but so insanely worth it when I can just get my body to a mat. For me, for whatever reason, it's harder than it sounds.. I do a whole lot of 'That would be nice, but I don't have time for what I actually have to do.." etc. AHHH. Must. stop. doing. that. Progress, not perfection.. ;) That being said, I can hardly ever justify taking the time getting to a class these days, but a 20 minute 'Yoga for Anxiety' video at home is pretty hard to make excuses about. And my mind & body feel so much better after.  My favorite gal right now- 'Yoga with Adrienne' on YouTube. She gets me. And if you struggle with any sort of anxiety, I bet she gets you, too. ;) Linking her here!

I'd love to hear what you do to help beat anxiety and stress! And please be sure to reach out if any of these tips help you or speak to you! I would love to get to know you better and it would bring me so much joy knowing that this post helped even one person. Light and love! 


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