sequined & confetti pumpkins

pumpkin edit 2.jpg

no-carve pumpkin decorating- 2 ways!

uber cute + fun = #winning

I love these time of year and I love doing crafty holiday things with Riley, BUT (yes, there's a but) in my experience, crafting with kiddos can go from 'this is going to be so much fun!' to 'omg this is a disaster' in about 3.5 seconds. And pumpkin carving is no exception. Since last years pumpkin experience consisted of "let's carve!' followed by 'but don't touch the knife!' followed by boredom, we opted for some non-carving craftiness this year and peeps- it was a hit! I'm totally not restricting this post to kid crafting decor, either.. these are SO pretty and I just may have sat up with a glass of vino and done some on my own. So if you are kid-less- don't let that stop you! I think the sequins ones will look bomb on your porch. Just sayin'. ♥

/// Sequined Pumpkins 

pumpkin edit 1.jpg

How To: 
Plop on a circle of glue and fill it in with sequins! I mean, so easy. We opted for one polka dot at a time and I did the glue part for Riley. ;) 

What you need:
craft glue (we used glitter glue since we had it on hand;)
sequins (we got ours from here)
pumpkins (we went mini, but I'm going to get a big white one for the porch, too!)


PS- This sequins thing is my new jam.. Just as fun as glitter, but WAY less messy. I like that. I like that a lot. 

/// Confetti Pumpkins 

pumpkin edit 8.jpg

How to:
Paint a light layer of the mod podge on and add your confetti. Flatten them and then layer some more mod podge over. Voila. 

What you need:
Paper confetti (we bought it from here) for a birthday party and will basically have enough confetti to do this every Halloween until Riley turns 18. 
Mod podge
Foam brush

BeFunky Collage confetti bright.jpg

Let us know which ones you try!! Or you could totally pull a 'Riley' and add sequins to your confetti pumpkin (bottom left!) because why not?! Ha!