Let's Talk Hair!


Better Hair Days

w/ Rene Furterer

Lets talk hair!! Hair thinning to be exact..
It’s no secret that I was not exactly blessed with the hair gene! I have always had fine hair, but when it started to become thin, as well, I had a minor freak out. Major freak out? Major freak out.

Insert Rene Furterer. My fam and I have been using both their volumizing shampoo and their stimulating shampoo for years, so when I spied that they were launching a new product line targeting sudden thinning I quickly reached out. Fast forward a month, I’ve been using said product line and guys. It’s working. I had faith that it would- because, like I said, I have a lot of love for this brand- but I’m honestly so floored. I have had so many “wow… my hair actually looks good today..” days. Which prior to me using this happened pretty much never. Not even exaggerating! Anxious to see how this continues to work in the next few months and I will be sure to keep you posted! If you’re at all intrigued, check out the info below for details about who this product line is good for. “Reactional thinning” is different than “hereditary thinning’ - so if you’re dealing with the hereditary kind, there is a slightly different regimen for you. Info about both types can be found here!



Who it’s for:
People with sudden, temporary hair thinning. This type of thinning usually becomes visible two to three months after a specific event, which causes hairs to abruptly enter the shedding phase before completing the growth phase. This type of hair thinning is more prevalent in women, and can cause sudden thinning on the entire head.

Possible Triggers:

  • Stress or emotional shock

  • A restricted or poor diet

  • Fatigue

  • Childbirth

  • Illness

  • Medications

  • Overprocessed hair

  • Scalp tension due to excessive styling

My favorite things about this regimen:
Addresses the underlying causes - essentially getting to the root of the problem.
Uses botanical extracts, essential oils and vitamins that optimize scalp health and to promote stronger hair.
Strictly botanical products- NO chemicals. (ie: minoxidil - not safe!)
Application for treatment is 1x per week

I hope this info helps!! It’s kind of a weird thing to talk about, but post-babies - ‘weird’ topics seem like much less of a big deal. Lmk if you have any questions! <3