our bed: the {cozy} basics

Our Bed The {Cozy} Basics - That Cozy Life

Our Bed:


the {cozy} basics 

the coziest (affordable!) basics you didn't know you needed .. ;) 

I'm going to get all statistical with y'all. Because this is kinda serious. We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping. Add that amount of time to the moments that you spend laying down relaxing, recharging, binge watching, social media surfing, and cuddling with your crew- and you are spending a whole lot of time in bed, my friend. Pressure free, beautiful, quality time. So, in my opinion, this already special place deserves some upgrades to enhance those already lovely moments. Let's cozify. That's not a word, is it? 

/// Bedding Basic #1: {cozy} Duvet

Full disclosure- my taste in bedding changes about as often as the seasons. Correction- exactly as often as the seasons. I’m always looking for a way to make our room feel more seasonal - totally unintentionally, I might add! I actually didn’t even notice until last month when Jordi mentioned how “summery” our room had become- whites and light blues and greenery, anyone? To make a long story a little less long, I need a comforter that is versatile. So as much as I want to dive into that amazing mixed pattern trend that I’m seeing on Anthropologie’s home tab, I know that in order to not spend our life's savings on bedding, I’ve got to stick to a neutral base and add my little seasonal accents with pillows and throws. Cut to Pottery Barn’s Tencel duvet cover. If you haven’t heard of Tencel yet- you will! It’s actually been around since the 90’s, but seems to be making a comeback thanks to what marketers call the ‘comfort and leisure’ trend. I, for one, always thought comfort was the bomb, but maybe that’s just me? I digress.

Our Bed The {cozy} Basics - That Cozy Life

Quick lesson in Tencel if you want to #NERDout with me. --> 
It’s actually a branded version of a material called lyocell. So think Bounty, versus paper towel. Some of the benefits of this cotton alternative? Strength, softness, breathability, durability, and a unique moisture absorption ability that makes it less prone to wrinkles and less likely to absorb odor or bacteria. Sexy. Annnddd as an added bonus, it’s thought to be more environmentally friendly than other fabrics because it’s produced on a ‘closed loop system’ which basically allows the chemicals and the solvents used in the process to be recovered and recycled with minimal waste and very low emissions. Score. Combine all of those things with the fact that it’s cozy, and it sounds like the perfect fabric for bedding, amirite? We love it. So if you’re in the market for a new duvet- look no further. Tencel is where it’s at.



/// Bedding Basic #2: {cozy} Sheets

And what better to compliment the coziest duvet on the planet? The coziest sheets, of course. Cue 'modal." My love of modal runs deep. Like I’m a little obsessed. It's at the point now where I’ll buy something because “oooohhhh, cozy…” but fail to check the tag and fast forward 5 days and I’m like 'omg I’ve worn this every day' and then I look at the tag and I laugh out loud because- of course- modal. So I shouldn’t have been all that surprised when I finally checked the tag of the bed sheets my momma gave us and -you guessed it- modal. Ha! It brings me joy. And apparently my love of this fabric is basically genetic because my mom and my sister travel with their modal sheets. Not even kidding. In their defense, they are on the road about 333 days out of the year.. At which point I’d totally travel with my modal too. So without further ado- our family’s fave sheets are tagged below. And no, they aren't too pricey, but if you're hesitant, know that I promise they are worth every penny. And no, I don't have stock in them, but apparently I should! Ha!

/// Bedding Basic #3: [cozy} quilt

Last, but certainly not least- the third layer that gives you that messy chic look, some extra warmth on chilly nights, and ties it all together- your quilt! Depending on my mood, I alternate between the quilt being at the end of the bed neatly folded into thirds, folded in half, tossed loosely like a blanket, ooorrr (can you tell I take our bed very seriously yet?!) I go ham and completely swap it's position with that of the comforter. Wild, I know. What can I say.. #thatcozylifetho

Comment below if you have any tips/tricks/make your life better bedding secrets! 

Love Kaitlin

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