Cozy Transition Pieces


comfy end of summer pieces

that will transition to the fall beautifully

Show of hands!! Do any of you have trouble transitioning your wardrobe from season to season? Because I know I do. Who wants to spend money on something summery right now when a month from now it will be confined to your closet? No bueno! Old me would have just settled with wearing jean shorts and t's until it gets cool enough out to spice things up, but I made a vow with myself recently to step out of my comfort zone and have more fun with fashion! So here are a few comfy + fun pieces that you can easily wear now, and will be able to incorporate in the upcoming months, as well! Lmk if you all have any transition tips! 


'Soft' Palazzo Pants with a tank now.. with a chunky sweater later!

HELLO socially acceptable pajama pants! Best. Trend. Ever. Heaven. Obvi I am LOVING all of the super soft pants I'm seeing. Aside from being super comfortable, I have yet to see a woman that they aren't flattering on! Make sure to wear your tank or Graphic T-shirt tucked to highlight your waist, and then come cooler weather, don't be afraid to throw on an oversized sweater and some mules of heels and skip the tuck! ! ;)   

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Tops in new 'FALL COLORS' that are amazing now, and will be amazing in a few months too: Think Lilac and mustard! 

I am LOVING the colors that are 'in' this fall!!!! I am a huge fan of Lavender and mustardy yellow, so I've scooped up some fun 'pop of color' tops that I am wearing with jean shorts/skirts/linen pants now and will pair with my favorite pair of fleece motto leggings when the time comes! So fun. Here are a few of my faves.. 

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And if you're having trouble envisioning either tip, take a peek at some inspo.. I'm not brave enough to ACTUALLY do the first, but my lawd #goals .. we'll get there! To braver fashion! ;) 

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Mini w: fall pop of color.png