light layers for your littles


Light Layers for your littles 

The coziest layers that will take them right through fall 

/// The coziest sweaters that will take them right through fall

SO just an FYI- I have a little fashionista on my hands. Which basically translates to - my sweet little girly almost five year old really cares what she wears. Insert me smacking my head because, some days, man it would be nice to just toss that kid in some shorts and a t-shirt and send her on her way. But nope. Every. single. outfit. is thought out and planned and in some crazy 5 year old way, cherished. So given that my (most of the time) super sweet child cares so much, I try to care so much, too. I attempt to go flirty instead of sporty and pink instead of not pink (ha!) and then say a silent prayer that Evie cares just a smidge less. The good news in all of this, though, is that my little Riley and I have a little something in common in our style files. The kid loves 'cozy' as much as her momma. Okay, I might have had something to do with this (raise um right!! Not that serious? ahah), but I still love it when she grabs whatever she's just put on and pulls herself into a little hug and is all "mommmaaa this is sooo coozzyyy".. #momwin in my book. So without further ado.. some swoon worthy fall sweaters that will have your kiddos picking them out of the closet- even if it is still 80 degrees outside where you live!  

Sidenote: I included an option by Rockets of Awesome, a clothing subscription box, because it is kiddo clothing perfection! I'm pretty sure that you have to currently subscribe to their box to have access to their online store, so if you check them out and have any questions, fell free to ask away! We've been getting their box for a little less than a year now and both Ry and I are big fans. =)

Favorites for Riley

1. Zella
2. Rockets of Awesome 
3. Splendid
5. Peek