The Cutest Valentine's Day Craft EVER

That Cozy Life Valentine's Day Craft

Noodle Necklaces

A Family Tradition + A Trip Down Memory Lane 

My friends! I'm going to attempt to keep this short (and sweet ;) because- well, I'm sooooo tired- BUT I didn't want to close my eyes without sharing the cutest little craft EVER that also happens to be easy peasy and suitable for 18 months+ .. The + is for me because I make them, too. I digress! Cute, simple, and so special for the receivers- and the little crafters, as well. ;) We started doing this with Riley when she was 2.. pictures of her doing then are at the bottom ;) Grateful for these growing girls.

Noodle 2.JPG

What you'll need: 
Heart Stickers (as stoppers)
Paint brushes

SO easy, so fun! Take a peak below for little Riley! ;)